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"War Bonnet"


Rudl Mergelman

"War Bonnet"  - Painted Wall
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"War Bonnet"  - Painted Desktop
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"War Bonnet"  - Bronze Wall
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"War Bonnet"  - Bronze Desktop
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Rudl has created new designs to perfectly complement those wildlife pictures hanging in your home or office. These are perfect replicas of record setting trophy head mounts and all have a hunter's dream size rack. Finished in a rich bronze tone patina or hand painted in the animal's natural colors, these castings are unique wall hangings or that unusual table or desk accessory that will stimulate conversation and bring some of the outdoors inside. Each is aggressively priced at $149 for the bronze version, and at $169 for the hand painted version in either the wall hanging or desk mount presentation. Click on More Information to see all versions and sizes.

Bronze Tone - $145.00

(Walnut base included)

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