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Rudl Mergelman Eric Westfall Ellen Hromyko Juried Artists

We have selected three highly talented artists to be our primary contributors. They are Rudl Mergelman, Eric Westfall, and Ellen Hromyko. Each was selected for his artistic talent, skills in sculpting, and area of interest. They all have proven records and clearly demonstrate an expertise in his field. We are fortunate to have secured their skills and to be able offer you their work.

In addition to our primary contributors, we supplement our collection from selected free lance artists – only if they meet our quality standards and subject line. These Juried Artists are all very accomplished and bring a variety of styles to choose form.

Rudl Mergelman.jpg (73069 bytes)

Rudl Mergelman 

Rudl was born and raised in the Gunnison Valley of western Colorado. He is the third generation of a pioneer family moving west. He graduated with a fine art degree from Western State College in Gunnison and taught art in the public schools for several years. He has since worked in commercial art and design while producing personal work from his studio.

His sculpture and painting subjects reflect his culture and love of the west. Always an avid outdoorsman, Rudl carefully studies and observes the nature and character of his wildlife subjects. That keen observation is, for him, naturally translated to his fine art in both technical accuracy and the image of the work.

Rudl says, "When I do a piece, I try to present the character of the subject as well as the physical likeness. To me a piece is a success only of the situation is as accurate as the animal."


Ellen Hromyko

Ellen Hromyko

An Ohio native, Ellen Hromyko had a passion for art since childhood. She is a painting artist but prefers to create three dimensionally showing her full range of talents. She earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the renowned Cleveland Institute of Art and was selected as an outstanding student and selected to display her work in various Cleveland Institute of Art shows. Ellen has the unusual ability to listen to our general description of needed designs and present ideas and finished work well beyond expectation. She is a busy mother of two mischievous boys who love to hunt and play out side there farm home in Ohio. As president of the school's PTO and taking her sons to all sporting events, she still finds time to create sculpture designs for us. "Sculpture design allows me to fully present artwork. Scale and proportion in design are much more demanding than painting and knowing others can enjoy and appreciate quality drives me to excel. I want to design well knowing that the piece will be in someone's home and truly appreciate that compliment."



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Eric Westfall

Eric came to Colorado to fulfill his passion of sculpting and to become a full time artist. He feels that the rugged mountains, western setting, and abundant wildlife provide him unlimited subject material. He has trained under a nationally recognized sculptor and has won local sculpting awards. Eric is always perfecting his sculpting skills with the goal of making each new design better than his last, a difficult task considering his impressive achievements. He brings to us the skills and sensitivity to capture the human form, expression and situations we can all relate to.




Juried Artists 

In addition to our primary contributors, we supplement our collection from selected free lance artists – only if they meet our quality standards and subject line. These Juried Artists are all very accomplished and bring a variety of styles to choose form.  

Bill Babby

Bill is a self-taught artist with Sioux Indian ancestry who's had a life-long interest in Indian and wildlife art sculpture.  For the past 20 years he has produced many privately-helf works appreciated for their great detail and character.

Jann L. Bach

Jann has set aside her career as a practicing attorney to sculpt and raise a family. Primarily focusing on equine sculptures, Jann has also designed a variety of wildlife pieces including the bookends included in our wildlife line. She has won numerous awards in art shows and has earned a place in every juried show she has entered. As one can see from here work here, Jann’s work features realism and fine detail. A demanding educational background has transferred to an equal demand for quality in all of Jann’s work.

Michael A. Balas

Michael Balas has found his calling as a wildlife sculptor! His speciality is birds and fish which Michael takes pride in sculpting each feather or scale. He has been chosen to show at the highly selective National Wildlife Art Show in Kansas City where he won "Best of Show" in bronze and woodcarving catagories. His original work is shown in galleries in New York, California, New Mexico and Colorado.

Susan Beller

Susan has derived her art skills from private art teachers to a university BFA degree. She has been selected to show her work in fine art galleries from Alaska to Colorado and was the featured artist at the Lafayette Art Center in Colorado. Her sculpting goal is to reflect realism in her pieces. She state that, "sculpture must show movement and emotion through detail. Design composition must be noticed from all sides of the piece."

Diana Nicoletti

Diana continues to perfect her already proficient artistic skills by commissioned paintings and sculpting. Her formal training is founded through university training where she was accepted to and completed her masters in fine art degree from Temple University in Philadelphia.

She has been shown in juried shows from the Lincoln Center to Walnut Creek in California. Diana is not only a professional artist but shares her talent by teaching sculpture. Through her work, Diana’s belief that, "the artist must simplify yet retain the complex beauty and detail of the subject," is evident.

Rolly Randall

Rolly’s sculpting skills began to develop when he was nine years old. He has used both his self-taught skills and those acquired from his alma matter of University of Northern Colorado. Primarily a wood carver, Rolly has transferred those skills to Fountain Creek Productions where he is contributing to our Western line. Rolly’s style is to show great detail and movement his works. His final pieces are held in museums, financial institutions and collected by private individuals who appreciate Rolly’s demand for perfection.

Ray Shaw

Ray is a nationally renowned wildlife artist who specializes in the very difficult task of sculpting and painting birds. A former practicing falconer, Ray’s love for birds and animals is reflected in his art. His paintings are reproduced as limited edition prints and his sculptures are available here in hydrostone and fine pewter. He was selected to attend the Robert Bateman Masters class and his work has toured major museums as part of the prestigious "Art in the Parks" traveling exhibit.

Mike Spindle

Mike has over 17 years experience as a professional artist. He has designed for such renowned companies as Walt Disney, Kenner, Hasbro, and Hallmark Cards. Mike’s attraction for wildlife combined with sculpting skills have resulted in several life-like and highly desired sculptures included in our line.

Mike’s creative nature does not stop with art. He also writes screenplays for animation and live action, but admits that it is sculpting that is his calling. When not working in his own studio, Mike teaches art in a private art school.

Stan Sweaney

As a native of Colorado Springs, Stan has taken advantage of the opportunity explore the vast areas of wilderness in Colorado and the western US. He has captured the beauty and vastness of the west in his finely detailed paintings and sculpture. As a fine art graduate from Colorado State University, Stan has a wide range of skills and interest, but it is wildlife and landscape art where his interests are and where he clearly excels.

Being offered several athletic and art scholarships, Stan selected CSU for his formal training. Stan continued his art training when he was selected to attend the Robert Bateman Masters Class in 1990. Stan’s skills are widely evidenced by his many awards including being judged by his peers as "Best in the World" at the World Wildlife Art Festival in Georgia.

Stan’s sculpture work is characterized by the many fine lines he includes and showing almost hair by hair detail in his carvings. To get this level of detail, Stan spends hours studying his subjects and photographing them before beginning his sculpture. He is never finished with a piece. It is only when the foundry finally takes it away for casting is he done.

Laura VanTine

As a pre-med student turned artist, Laura is particularly attentive to anatomy. She will go so far as to sculpt her people figurines first without clothes then dress them with the flair of a fashion designer. Her intricate designs are brought to life through her research of the subject, not just their appearance but their history and environment as well to bring an authentic "feel" of the sculpture to life.